The Incontinence Management Program From Unique Wellness

Incontinence affects more than 25 millions Americans. Both men and women suffer from urinary incontinence, a number that will balloon as baby boomers start to age. It is a frustrating problem and affects people of either gender. There are ways to manage incontinence and to reduce serious infection. 

Unique Wellness, an adult brief manufacture, recently announced “Revolutionary New Incontinence Management Program”. The program brings adult diaper users the most comprehensive, cost effective, healthiest and environmentally friendly incontinence solution available today.

With a deep understanding of incontinence and a results oriented approach to design and manufacturing, the Unique Wellness Incontinence Program brings the most technologically advanced, most highly absorbent adult diapers to those millions of Americans living with incontinence.

  • The Wellness Brief is based on the same technology used by NASA astronauts in space; The MAG (Maximum Absorbency Garment) absorbs liquid and pulls it away from the skin.
  • The Unique Wellness brief absorb about 87 oz of liquid (nearly four times the average adult brief).
  • Users can regain the control, confidence and comfort necessary to live each day without limitations by using the new Unique Wellness Incontinence Program.
  • By using Unique Wellness Briefs, wearers have the highest level of hygiene and safety on the market today.

Find out more about the Revolutionary New Incontinence Management Program from the Unique Wellness website.

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