The history between NASA and Adult Diapers


Though there is no dearth of information about adult diapers, a huge question mark appears when individuals are questioned about the history of NASA and adult diapers. It is a fact that NASA officials have been repeatedly questioned about the source from where they have procured the diapers, used by astronauts. It is obvious that these diapers need to be super absorbent, given the limited disposing space within the spacecraft and the long time taken to complete a space journey.

During the early days of space travel, male astronauts used a condom shaped sheath, connected to a collection pouch via a tube, whereas their female counterparts used zipper-fastened disposable absorption containment trunks. All these changed in the 1990s with the introduction of a special adult diaper that was laced with sodium polychromate… a liquid absorbing chemical. Each astronaut is supplied with three such diapers during the course of a space shuttle mission. One of them is for launch, one for reentry, and the third one is a spare, provided in case the reentry has to be waived for some reason and has to be attempted later. You will be surprised to learn that these adult diapers boast of super absorbency along with leakage control. They can keep skin and clothes dry up to 12 hours and are useful for individuals suffering from heavy inconsistency. Unlike traditional adult diapers, they do not make you feel wet and uncomfortable. The traditional ones are quite costly, are the cause of rashes, cannot prevent odors, are bad for the environment, and are quite costly.


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