About Wellness Briefs Technology

Incontinence is an embarrassing problem. The Wellness briefs can provide you an efficient solution to this problem.

The technology behind Wellness incontinence products

Nowadays adult diapers are readily available in the market but not all come with as superior features as Wellness briefs. The Wellness adult briefs have been designed based on the principles of MAG (Maximum Absorbency Garments) which have been specially created for astronauts. NASA has used a super absorbent polymer with a capacity to absorb up to 60 times its volumes.

Advanced features of Wellness briefs

The Wellness adult diapers are made with super absorbent polymers which have a capacity to soak up to 2.6 liters of water.  High absorbency is a unique feature of Wellness incontinence products. It makes these briefs effective and reduces expenditure on incontinence products. People who use Wellness briefs remain dry and feel comfortable for a longer period of time.

Normal adult diapers use paper pulp and hence their absorption capacity is much less. They use a single layer absorption system which makes a person feel uncomfortable very soon and he has to change quite a few times in a day.

Triple layered core absorption system is another feature of Wellness briefs. This system absorbs more liquid than normal adult briefs. The liquid is kept trapped in a separate layer. This makes the skin feel dry and prevents UTIs, severe irritation and other conditions that are commonly related to incontinence. Moreover, it does not lead to odor also.

So, the outstanding technology used in creating Wellness adult briefs not only ensures that a person feels dry and comfortable but also remains healthy.

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