They’re not only the best on the market; anything else would be wasting money!

Incontinence is a widespread condition affecting millions of Americans. Previous solutions of using adult diapers are not only regarded as a stigma among society but often inadequate in providing the needed protection and absorption which are comfortable to wear leaving no worries to both the care providers and the users. This is why Unique Wellness is offering their adult brief’s as a part of their Unique Wellness Incontinence Program. Unlike diapers which can get conspicuous and uncomfortable to wear round the clock, these briefs prevent leaks, odors and sores helping the person sleep better and those who are taking care of the individual to reduce time, cost and other resources to be spent on cleaning.

The Wellness briefs also provide a low cost, low maintenance solution that does not harm the environment because of less contribution to wastes. The regular Wellness Brief can absorb up to 87 oz as compared to regular diapers or briefs which can only hold up to 24 oz. Compare this data to the average human urine output of 50 oz. On an average day, you may only use 3 Wellness Briefs while you will have to use around 7 for regular briefs making it more expensive on the long run even if average cost of Wellness Brief is $1.49. Per year, it will only cost $1,631.55 as opposed to the amount with regular briefs at $2,299.50. Another reason you can save by using Wellness Briefs is that it does not require the use of bed pads or perhaps room deodorizers because of effective odor guard. Caretakers in facilities can even save with cleansing wipes and latex gloves because you only have to change three times per day. Additionally, creams and ointments are unnecessary except for sensitive skin because of elimination of chances of the skin getting dry, being irritated or developing rashes as Unique Wellness uses the most advanced materials with proper research.


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