Live Life King-size Even with Incontinence Problem

Gone are the days of the heavy adult diapers! With new technological innovation & environmental attention, come new urinary incontinence products to make life simpler and smoother.

There are a wide range of urinary incontinence problems products available now for handling urinary incontinence problems. What you choose for yourself or for your client depends on many factors.

• Is this urinary or waste incontinence?
• Is it bulkier during the day or night?
• Comfort?
• Cost?
• Odor Control?
• Ease of Use?


For gentle urinary incontinence problems you will discover some very stylish urinary incontinence problems products in the form of underwear. No more heavy pants if you don’t want them! Many of the urinary incontinence problems lingerie lines available have

• An additional wide gusset
• Unique fabric at the crotch that quickly brings moisture away from skin
• Some have a waterproof lining
• Antimicrobial & anti-odor treatment
• Some have a water resistant crotch with room for a urinary incontinence problems liner
• From thongs, to bikini’s, to briefs….cotton, blended fabrics or Lycra.

For ladies & men – these today’s technological innovation urinary incontinence problems items have really hit the industry and are traveling by air off the shelves!


For light/moderate urinary incontinence problems, have you tried using a maxi dress or mini-pad to process any leakage? Well, if you have, then you’ve discovered out the hard way that hygienic protects were not developed for that use.
Incontinence pads & urinary incontinence protects were developed to be considerably more absorbing and have the additional benefit of a water resistant assisting. There are both non reusable and cloth urinary incontinence problems pads & urinary incontinence protects. With new technological innovation – some companies even create them flushable & compactable!


For moderate/heavy urinary incontinence problems other urinary incontinence problems items are required, adult diaper or adult brief fits that bill. Again, these are available in disposable or cloth editions, and come in many sizes from XS to XXXL. Compared to ‘diapers’ of old – modern-day mature diapers & briefs are much less heavy – but hold more! Many have ‘easy grab’ technological innovation so they can be more adaptable for your figure. Most have flexible leg accumulates to improve fit & prevent pee leakage; and air flow to help reduce other issues caused by urinary incontinence problems.

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