First Time Use of NASA’s MAG Technology in Adult Briefs by Unique Wellness

Unique Wellness make come up with adult diapers with better space sage technology to deal with adult incontinence problems that caters to different requirements of the customers. Not only here you can get quality adult diapers but also get to choose them from a wide range of sizes and fits in order to suit your needs. Unique Wellness range of products consists of adult briefs that are pull-on pants with side tapes that keeps the briefs perfectly fitted and does not move while doing daily routine activities. The Wellness briefs has triple layered core absorption system just like NASA’s MAG which retains away all moisture from the skin in a separate layer and keeps feeling you dry and comfortable.

The super absorbent adult briefs pack of medium size are available in 24”- 36” waist, large diapers in size 36”- 46” waist and extra large diapers up to 67” waist. For further information on the sizes and fits log on to They are excellent briefs to deal with adult incontinence preventing leakages. Its embossed fluff absorbs the moisture very effectively leaving the skin dry and feeling comfortable all day long. The diapers are latex free. Thus when the urine is absorbed completely in the adult briefs there are no chances of any severe irritation, urinary tract infections and other problems related to incontinence.

The professional sales staff of Unique Wellness is happy to answer all queries of their clients and discuss discreetly the topics related to sizing over the telephone or through mails. They are dedicated towards manufacturing and delivering products that are excellent and proud of their continuously increasing customers’ base. So if you are suffering from adult incontinence problem than need not worry about frequent changing of diapers and can feel happier and comfortable using adult briefs of Unique Wellness.

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