Unique Wellness introduces Driest Adult Diapers in the Market

Wellnessbriefs.com the well-known brand in the industry of adult diapers now offer its customers driest adult diaper in the world at the same cost as before! They use the high technology principles of Maximum Absorbency Garments developed by NASA which is a world renowned space station in USA. Their adult briefs are manufactured using multi-layers which are excellent when it comes to liquid absorption and locking them in the brief, thus the wearer gets the feel of the driest adult diaper. Adult diapers from wellnessbriefs are different from regular ones sold in the market.

They are offering triple layered absorption system which is very unusual as compared to single core adsorption system offered by other briefs manufacturers. They have used the same space age MAG technology by NASA that is very effective for moisture retention making its wearer feel super dry even after hours. Wellnessbriefs have named it as ‘InconTek’ technology.

People suffering from adult incontinence problem have to wear adult briefs continuously in order to avoid the problem. The superb comfort and confidence offered by this brief helps adults carry out their daily routine activities with freedom from tension of embarrassment. Also the in 24 hrs time duration they need to change 3-4 diapers only, thus you can see that it offers dryness for the longer duration of time. Unique wellness thus help in the reduction in the landfill by over 70% as the number of adult brief changes is lesser in comparison to other brands.

Sometimes adults do not even need to change their diapers in midnight, thus giving them sound sleep which is tension-free. These diapers are medically tested and proven to prevent skin irritations and allergies, also avoids the unpleasant odor due to its super absorptive capacity. You can order them for a free sample piece and feel the high quality product they offer to their customers.

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