Driest briefs made using space age technology!

The Unique wellness briefs are the manufacturers of one of the driest briefs available today in the market. They have created a wellness program especially for those suffering from urine incontinency troubles since a long time. It is to be noted that since many decades nothing much has been done to relieve these patients and their dear ones from the physical and emotional stress that comes along with the problem.

The wellness products are made with a deep understanding of the issue and its related problems. The program ensures only one diaper per night and a maximum change of three in the whole 24 hours unlike other products that need 7-9 changes in 24 hours. This also ensures that the user is dry, comfortable and has no urine exposure which is a very important aspect of a good quality diaper. The program brings adult diaper users the most comprehensive, cost effective, healthiest and environmentally friendly incontinence solution available today.

The wellness brief users are said to come out of the constant fear of urine leakage and the embarrassment and hygiene related issues coming with that. The manufacturers promise of:

• Full night’s sleep.
• Healthy dry skin.
• No odor, leaks, sores.
• Clean, comfortable and new confidence.
• Reduced laundry related costs.
• Reduced pads usage.
• Environmental friendly pads.

The wellness briefs program has brought relief to more than 25 million Americans suffering from the weak bladder. They are using the space age technology used by the NASA scientists to manufacture the MAG’s that were given to the astronauts during the space trips. This technology is what makes these briefs the driest briefs available.

The pads are made to be a three layered product quite similar to the MAG’s. The innermost layer retains any type of fluid and lets the topmost layer in touch with the skin completely dry. This ensures a complete dry, leak proof experience for the user. It also eliminates any chance of urine exposure, odor that could be caused by any other product.

As this urinary pad is made with a deep understanding of the problem and the related issues, it is able to tackle not only the urine incontinency but also all the other troubles that arise for the user and the dear ones. This product is not user friendly in terms of comfort but also become very affordable as it reduces the other related expenses of maintaining hygiene, creams, laundry expense and so on. It also the most eco friendly as less changes results in 70% lesser landfills.
So could think you can get a better relief providing inner for your suffering loved one?? Still if you have doubts and queries the professional sales team is always there to make things clear to you. So why not visit www.wellnessbriefs.com today and find out more….!!!!

For more information contact us at http://www.wellnessbriefs.com or call us on 1-888-936-7770

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