Adult Diaper Rash: Symptoms and Causes

Undoubtedly, adult diapers offer both wearers and caregivers the much needed peace of mind. For wearer, adult diapers allow leading a normal life and for caregiver it is all about freedom from changing or washing soiled clothes frequently. With the benefits that adult diapers provide it also brings in a problem of rashes or Diaper Dermatitis. Diaper dermatitis is an allergy that causes redness, irritation and discomfort in the diaper area. Rashes are generally caused due to the skin staying wet because of the constant contact with the chemicals of urine and stool.

Some of the symptoms, causes and treatment for diaper dermatitis/rashes are as follows.


  • Skin in the diaper area i.e. buttocks, thighs and genitals becomes red, sore, and tender-looking.
  • Texture of the skin changes from normal to bumpy, rough and itchy.
  • Skin may become chapped and in some cases boils, pimples and pus-filled sores may also occur.


The most common causes of diaper dermatitis or rashes are:

  • Contact of the wet diaper with the skin for long hours are a common cause of the rashes as the chemicals of urine and feces makes up moisture. As this moisture comes in contact with the skin it causes irritation and damage hence resulting in the Diaper Dermatitis.
  • If the diaper is not of proper size or tight-fitting then the friction caused due to the rubbing of the skin with the diaper may lead to diaper rash. This can get worse if the diaper is wet.
  • The moist and warm surrounding formed due to the diaper is a perfect place for bacteria and yeast to breed. The bacterial or the fungal infections are also a cause for diaper rashes.
  • People with sensitive skin are more prone to such diaper dermatitis.


Simple treatment to avoid or cure diaper dermatitis is:

  • Allow the skin to air out by not wearing diaper for some time.
  • Avoid a prolonged contact of the wet diaper with the skin by changing it frequently or as recommended by manufacturer.
  • Choose the correct size and brand of adult diaper.
  • Maintain proper hygiene by cleaning the genitals and the area covered by the diapers with warm water or healing cleanser and use a mild soap only if required; let the skin dry properly before putting on the diaper.
  • Applying skin cream or ointment to the affected area helps in faster healing.


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