Overnight Adult Diapers to Get Rid of Sleepless Nights

Aging is a process every human has to go through. It is quite cruel too, as you start slowing down, your body parts start hurting and you are mostly on pills. However, it not only the pains and aches that trouble you; your dignity too starts evaporating with the issue of incontinence.

Overnight Adult Diapers to Get Rid of Sleepless Nights

The Troubling Issue

Incontinence can be an embarrassing issue and can haunt you all the time. It can prevent you from leading normal lives. You will always worry while you travel due to fear of wetting. This problem is petrifying and needs attention if you wish to feel free.

The regression related to age is similar to infancy as you lose control over your bladder. People suffering from incontinence usually start purchasing clothes that are able to hide stains, rather than for comfort and style. When at some functions, these people chart out exit strategies. Long rides are always a chore and airplanes are nightmares.

Finding A Solution

The good news is presence of overnight adult diapers that can solve you worries. Finding the correct diaper is the key if you expect to break the shackles of fear and lead a normal life.

Wearing diapers is the latest way of being free for incontinent individuals when they are in public. These adult diapers are disposable padded briefs, similar to infant diapers. They are made of two layers; insides of which attract liquid, while outsides prevent seeping through.

What To Look For In Overnight Adult Diapers?

Though everyone will have their own criteria for selection of diapers, the common elements to consider are as follows.

Comfort: Though wearing diapers will never be comfortable, some good quality ones are wearable. You need to check the material used for manufacturing along with finding the perfect fit for your size. Check if post wearing you feel like scratching. If so, this is not the right match. The correct choice is the one that feels comfortable most of the time.

Absorbing quality: A perfect and good quality adult diaper will be capable of absorbing that much liquid which your bladder expels. So check this capacity of holding liquid for any diaper. Check how dry you feel and whether the diaper is prone to damage or leaks.

These two points are the most crucial when you intend to buy overnight adult diapers. Additionally, finding the right source to buy, durability of the product, brand name and style are other aspects that are vital. So choose wisely and enjoy an embarrassment free life.

Source: http://wellnessbriefs.com/

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Adult Diaper: A Perfect Product To Keep Incontinence At Bay

Adult Diaper: A Perfect Product To Keep Incontinence At Bay

Old age attracts incontinence and many unfortunate individuals have to suffer the ill effects of this ailment. The issues related to bladder control can give rise to numerous conditions that include stress incontinence or urge incontinence that require medical attention. However, a good option for such people is to try and use adult diapers. There are various benefits rendered by such diapers for controlling ill effects of such problems.

There are various reasons why an individual suffers from incontinence. These include anatomical abnormalities, bladder issues, weak bladder muscles and old age amongst others. Physical therapy and medications are prescribed by doctors for treating this problem. However, even doctors will prescribe the use of adult diapers to ensure that this issues does not become cumbersome. It needs to be understood that weak muscles of your bladder are had to recover and curing anatomical abnormalities is also a tough job. However, with use of adult diapers, this problem will at least not trouble you and ensure that your daily routine is not disturbed. Moreover, these diapers will ensure that you adopt a hygienic and sanitary approach to your urinary issues.

Types of diapers

One of the primary use of some adult diapers is that they can be disposed off easily. This means that you need not wash or dry them and can dispose them after use. You can also find washable diapers. These too have benefits of allowing you to use them repeatedly. Moreover, the most important advantage of both these types is that they act similar to child diapers by absorbing urine and thus preventing any kind of damage to your skin. Disposable diapers can be changed immediately on getting wet, while the other category is able to hold fluid as per its capacity till you can wash and use them.

Choosing a diaper

Every diaper available for adults is associated with absorbency ratings. For people who suffer from light issues of incontinence, choosing a less bulky product with low absorbency will also do the trick and handle occasional situations of incontinence. Moreover, you can find a perfect size that fits you to ensure comfort.

For people who have a heavy problem of incontinence, choosing cloth diapers is the best bet. Such people need to avoid purchasing disposable diapers as this may prove costly. Though you may need to wash and dry these cloth diapers, the effort is worth it as otherwise you may end up troubling your wallet more with disposable options.

When you consider reusable diapers, need of plastic pants is sometimes necessitated. These pants aid in keeping the diaper firm in place. However, some individuals often complain about these diapers along with pants being cumbersome during the day. For such people, using disposable options is good.

Finally, choosing the kind of diaper suited for you is largely dependent on your personal and lifestyle preference. The product you choose needs to make life convenient for you and easy your work and home life. A product that is suited for one may not be good for others. So choose wisely and keep incontinence at bay.

This post was originally published on wellnessbriefs.com

Visit Wellnessbriefs.com for more information.

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New and Improved Pull Ups with Speedsorb are Here!

We just developed a system that can absorb liquid nearly 400% faster than our current pull-on!!!Many of you have already experienced this system with our amazing Superio briefs. 

This new SPEEDSORB ® technology will enable you to feel… drier faster and add greater retention to our Pull-Ups so that you won’t feel any moisture against your skin even when absorption nears capacity!

To celebrate we are running a great sale!



use code “SORB” and

SAVE 10% with FREE SHIPPING on case orders.

Please Hurry! Sale ends 6/11


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Unique Wellness Products Now in Canada!

We are pleased to finally announce that we now have a way for Canadians to purchase our Amazing Products!

We at Unique Wellness have partnered up with REARZ Inc to finally provide you with our  amazing dry and cost effective products.

They sell cloth diapers but now have added our plastic backed line.

Please feel free to order at http://www.rearz.ca/adult-disposable-briefs-wellness-briefs-nasa-c-85_100.html

Both our New Wellness Brief Superio Line and our Wellness Absorbent Underwear (Pull Up) will be available by them.

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In celebration of our New Website we are running a great Sale!!

We are  really excited about  the launch of our new and improved website. Please visit www.wellnessbriefs.com to see all the improvements.


In celebration of this we are running a great sale!


Use Code “website” and save 10% on all products and get free shipping if you order by the case!


CLICK HERE NOW TO ORDER! www.wellnessbriefs.com/index.php/products


Sale ends May 5th 2014.

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Introducing our New and Dynamic Website!


Here at Unique Wellness our customers are very important to us. That is why we are constantly thinking of ways how we can make it easier for people to purchase and use our products. In order to do that we decided that we needed to create a new website.

We are really excited with all of the new features that were added. Here is a list of some of the improvements:


  • It is Easy to Use – Our new website is easy to use and very clear. The product selection process is much simpler and check out is a breeze!


  • It is Mobile Friendly – Our new website is now compatible to use on mobile phones. Considering the fact that most people now get their emails on cell phones, they can now order right away when they see we are running sales.


  • We now accept Paypal – We have finally integrated Paypal into our new website. Many prefer this over paying with credit cards and we are pleased to offer this convenience to you.


  • There is Added Security – We have added enhanced security and encryption so that your order can be a worry free one.


But don’t take our word for it log on to  www.wellnessbriefs.com and see for yourself!


We are also proud to announce that  Wellness Absorbent Products have been gaining popularity all over the world and are now available on the popular Canadian website http://www.rearz.ca

In order to make it easier you can use the following link http://www.rearz.ca/adult-disposable-briefs-wellness-briefs-nasa-c-85_100.html which will take you directly to our products.


Coming soon….

Automated UPS Tracking Follow UP Email – This will give you immediate access so you can easily track your orders!


In celebration of this we are running a great sale!


Use Code “website” and save 10% on all products and get free shipping if you order by the case!


CLICK HERE NOW TO ORDER! www.wellnessbriefs.com/index.php/products


Sale ends May 5th 2014.

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Our New and Improved Superio with Speedsorb is Here!!


Superio is our top of the line brief providing unprecedented protection. They feature a super strong plastic back, a wider core, and a white outer shell.

These briefs are so innovative that they were featured on Discovery Channel’s How stuff works and are designed to last 8-12 hours using NASA inspired multi layered InconTek® technology similar to designs used by astronauts in space for long missions.

It has a unique scheduled changing system and is therefore is one of the easiest to use. This is revolutionary because changes can actually be scheduled to only once in eight hours/ three in 24 hours putting the wearer or caregiver in control with no worry of any exposure to the effects of urine. More cost effective than other briefs because of  fewer changes and rarely requires expensive creams or ointments.

We are also proud to announce another new dramatic improvement to our advanced Superio® line!

We just developed a system that can absorb liquid nearly 400% faster than our current products!!!

This new SPEEDSORB ® technology will enable you to feel drier faster and add greater retention to our diapers so that you won’t feel any moisture against your skin even when absorption nears capacity!


In order for you to realize how great they are, we are offering totally free samples (until end of sale below) and we’ll also waive the $1.99 S&H fee!!!

(There’s a strict one free sample per person policy. If you attempt to take advantage and order multiple free samples it will result in no samples sent, however if you feel you need more samples feel free to order extra HERE

for an additional $1.99 in shipping).

Please follow the following instructions for the free sample -

Send an email to: samples@wellnessbriefs.com In email subject line type – Free Superio sample and your full name… In email please type in the following format:

Name (First, Last)

Street Address (Apt #) City, State, ZIP

Size -

Are you a believer? Order yours today at http://www.wellnessbriefs.com/shopdisplayproducts.asp?CatId=3&catName=Wellness and get Free shipping when ordering a case or more!!

Questions ? We are happy to help you can call us at 1-718-686-7770 or email info@wellnessbriefs.com

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Here are 5 reasons to choose the Wellness Brief over any other Adult Diaper…








Here are just some of the reasons to choose our products over any of the other adult diapers on the market.

1. They are the world’s most absorbent adult briefs and underwear. The Wellness® Brief and Underwear is based on the same principles as the Maximum Absorbency Garments ( MAGs ) developed by NASA. The multi layered  Wellness® Brief and Underwear fully absorbs the liquid and locks it away in another layer  leaving little opportunity for skin irritation. (click here to see  how The Wellness Brief and Underwear is based on NASA technology)

2. They are the most cost effective so they will save you money. While its cost may appear to be costlier than other brands, using the Wellness® Brief  and Underwear is far less expensive by reducing the amount of briefs used per day and other incontinence related costs.

3. You will only have to change them 3 times a day. They will keep you dry and prevent rashes.  (click here to learn the facts about skin irritation and how the Wellness brief® and Underwear will easily prevent this problem).

4. They are better for the environment. The multi-functional capabilities of the Incontek® technology that we incorporate in to our adult diapers will reduce landfill by up to 70%!!!

5. They are Odor free. The  Wellness brief® and Underwear has a unique layered system that keeps your area free of the odors associated with incontinence by containing them with the diaper.

Questions ? We are happy to help. You can call us at  1-718-686-7770

Ready to order ? Click here http://www.wellnessbriefs.com/shopdisplaycategories.asp

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Wellness Brief now available in Australia

Great News! Wellness Briefs adult diapers are now available in Australia by Physiosupplies! Click on link – http://www.physiosupplies.com.au/fitness/Unique-Wellness-Brief.html

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Driest briefs made using space age technology!

The Unique wellness briefs are the manufacturers of one of the driest briefs available today in the market. They have created a wellness program especially for those suffering from urine incontinency troubles since a long time. It is to be noted that since many decades nothing much has been done to relieve these patients and their dear ones from the physical and emotional stress that comes along with the problem.

The wellness products are made with a deep understanding of the issue and its related problems. The program ensures only one diaper per night and a maximum change of three in the whole 24 hours unlike other products that need 7-9 changes in 24 hours. This also ensures that the user is dry, comfortable and has no urine exposure which is a very important aspect of a good quality diaper. The program brings adult diaper users the most comprehensive, cost effective, healthiest and environmentally friendly incontinence solution available today.

The wellness brief users are said to come out of the constant fear of urine leakage and the embarrassment and hygiene related issues coming with that. The manufacturers promise of:

• Full night’s sleep.
• Healthy dry skin.
• No odor, leaks, sores.
• Clean, comfortable and new confidence.
• Reduced laundry related costs.
• Reduced pads usage.
• Environmental friendly pads.

The wellness briefs program has brought relief to more than 25 million Americans suffering from the weak bladder. They are using the space age technology used by the NASA scientists to manufacture the MAG’s that were given to the astronauts during the space trips. This technology is what makes these briefs the driest briefs available.

The pads are made to be a three layered product quite similar to the MAG’s. The innermost layer retains any type of fluid and lets the topmost layer in touch with the skin completely dry. This ensures a complete dry, leak proof experience for the user. It also eliminates any chance of urine exposure, odor that could be caused by any other product.

As this urinary pad is made with a deep understanding of the problem and the related issues, it is able to tackle not only the urine incontinency but also all the other troubles that arise for the user and the dear ones. This product is not user friendly in terms of comfort but also become very affordable as it reduces the other related expenses of maintaining hygiene, creams, laundry expense and so on. It also the most eco friendly as less changes results in 70% lesser landfills.
So could think you can get a better relief providing inner for your suffering loved one?? Still if you have doubts and queries the professional sales team is always there to make things clear to you. So why not visit www.wellnessbriefs.com today and find out more….!!!!

For more information contact us at http://www.wellnessbriefs.com or call us on 1-888-936-7770

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